Social Media

Do you really know what your social media ROI is?

The social media return-on-investment debate is one of the most hotly contested topics when it comes to any business’ social media marketing activities. After all, from your perspective – what’s the point if you are not able to measure and benefit as a business from the marketing activity? Marketing agencies have tangled with demonstrating their ability to comprehend this issue for years. ‘Brand awareness’ is often the most widely promoted benefit to businesses.

Actually, it could be made much more clear than that for you. Working with clients, just like you, we understand the importance of measurement – it is very clear to us. How can we help you benefit from and measure your business’ social media ROI? With social media, likely returns can depend on a range of different factors. Some variables you might consider initially are what your business sells, how it currently attracts new customers (including their average value to the business) and how you carry out your business transactions. These three factors are fundamental our planning process for each and every client we’ve worked with.

Clients like you, who have worked with us have benefited from:

  • 85-300% growth in their social media presences.
  • Direct sales and lead generation – all measured.

For any business, spending marketing budgets on social media campaigns can be quite daunting. You can be assured of the following:

  • We have nearly a decade of experience working in both B2B and B2C sectors.
  • We will carry out a basic research programme, to ascertain whether it will be the best value approach for your business.
  • You will then be provided with a more in-depth proposal that evaluates;
    • Your target markets’
      • Interests
      • Behaviours
      • Purchasing patterns
      • Your competitors – what have they achieved?

      Do you struggle to comprehend how or even, if social media is worth allocating into your marketing budget?

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