BlueEyed Digital are fully accredited Google Partners.

What does being a Google Partner mean?

We’re regularly examined by Google themselves to ensure that we deliver absolute best practice to our clients. For clients, this means clear reporting, results-focused marketing and proactive account management – so you get the most ‘bang for your buck’. As Google is the benchmark when it comes to online advertising, it is an accreditation that ensures we can deliver campaigns across all of the following;

  1. Google Search Network
  2. Linkedin, the social network for professionals
  3. Facebook – 1/4 of us use it globally, every day
  4. Twitter – recently celebrating its 10th Birthday, its a great tool to increase brand awareness.
  5. Google Display Network
  6. Google Merchant Centre (Shopping)
  7. YouTube and other search partners

Using data to make the best possible marketing decisions.

Our approach is as follows:

  1. Full PPC Account Audit (if one currently exists)
  2. Extensive Keyword Research – to identify profitable niches for your business.
  3. Campaign Build – like any foundations, this is a key element to deliver long-term leads, sales and enquiries via Paid Advertising
  4. Ongoing Campaign Management and Optimisation – our team will continually monitor your account to identify new opportunities, improve budget efficiency and increase leads/sales
  5. Continual Conversion Rate Optimisation – in simple terms, we create pages to look exactly like your site and brand to determine the best way to convert more clients and customers.

You will benefit from:

  1. Monthly Reporting focused on ROI (Return on Investment) and the key outcomes that matter most to your business.
  2. Regular Meetings to discuss how your accounts’ performance will be continually improved.

What are you waiting for?

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