Email Marketing

Do your e-mail marketing campaigns need a new lease of life?

We know what makes people click.

Like any business, your business must develop lasting relationships to succeed. E-mail could be an under utilised marketing medium that your business could benefit from. If you would like to generate twice as many clicks as the industry average, we can help you do that.

Whether you recognise it or not, customers/contacts who’ve provided their e-mail addresses have shown interest in your business and the products or services it offers. Yet, if you were completely honest with yourself, you probably rarely make the most of it… It might be the marketing tool you use when things are quiet and for some reason, seem to ignore when you are busy.

Clearly, the expanding format for marketing your business is digital (online). Which is great for you, because now you don’t need to place advertisements in the hope the right people will see and read them. You can send relevant information direct to selected people – and you can measure the results more quickly and more comprehensively than was ever possible before.

Continuously Improving Results for Your Business

You could benefit from a system that focuses on results. What makes our e-mail marketing system a real success is a continuous improvement philosophy. By continually measuring, you can improve your online marketing results.

What if continuous improvements could enable you minimise those sales troughs? You could then make your sales more consistent and increase revenue.

What if customers valued what you’d said and bought from you more frequently? What if you could identify what works and what doesn’t, in real-time? Your e-mail marketing campaigns can achieve all there – with our tried and tested formula.

What is your business’ e-mail-marketing formula?

Your e-mail marketing formula needs to consider the following aspects:

  1. Customer Profiling: Could you target customers on a more personal level?
  2. Content: Have you considered what it is your customers/contacts want to hear about more regularly? What could they do without?
  3. Calls-to-Action: Are your customers being guided into making some form of decision or action?
  4. Results: Do you how your campaigns could be improved based on past performance?

Take action and convert more customers.

If you found yourself saying yes to any of the above questions you could benefit from our expertise.
Whether it is creating compelling content that generates clicks, generating new leads or putting more robust planning behind your marketing activities, you are the sort of client we’d like to help.

If you want to generate better results for your business:

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