Do you understand what your customers or clients really want?

This is where blogging could be used more regularly to differentiate your business.

Your blog may be an ‘add-on’ that you often consider paying attention to, or, perhaps, it is something you use and can’t really get your head around what it’s doing (or not doing). Either way, your blog needs your attention.

What would anyone be interested in about your business?

Your business is different to any other, just like each and every one of us. Inevitably, it has a completely different set of experiences, visions, beliefs – and people that have shaped how your business has developed over time. Believe it or not, those elements differentiate your business. Yet, you probably don’t inform anyone about them that often. Blogging can help your business highlight those qualities and bits of expertise that make it attractive to your customers.

Increasingly, whether you like it or not, customers are searching for what they want online. Search engines rank businesses, like yours, more highly if the business itself is perceived as more customer-focused.

Consider this… Do you like to deal with people who help resolve issues or those who don’t? Presumably, you preferred those who are helpful – so does Google, Bing and Yahoo (the three most used search engines in the UK).

The benefit to your business could be considerable and is it measurable. Often, it takes an objective pair of eyes – those less close to the business itself, to recognise what could get results for your business.

Do you know what you want your business to achieve with its blog activities?

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